Our Females

Our females are beautiful Havanese!  They each have their own unique temperament and love to be with our family.










2 Responses to Our Females

  1. Gregory Parker says:

    I love your havanese puppies, and Tootsie Roll has been a very good little girl! Priscilla and Brownie pie sure make good looking pups! 😁

  2. Gregory Parker says:

    We couldn’t just have one, so we got a chocolate pup named Laney, which we changed to Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit. He is a shaggy puff ball. Both Tootsie Roll and Bilbo Baggins are fat, healthy, and spoiled rotten with kibble, toys, love, tummy rubs, grooming, bones, blankets, fluffy beds, TONS OF WATER, huge outdoor play area, vet checkups, walks to the dog park, and their OWN ROOM!! We love are clownish, beautiful pups, and we always will.

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